The daffodils are blooming in our area. These have chosen to settle in the forest. Each year they surprise us while at the same time reminding us that no matter what, they will bloom. This year they bloomed beneath some large, broken branches. They bloomed in spite of the dried leaves. They bloomed in spite of surviving a couple cold morning frosts. Each year they get bigger and bigger, they spread out and grow more flowers, time and time again. 

These flowers bring such life and joy. They are bright and cheerful, colorful and full of energy. They require no maintenace and come back year after year to brighten our land. They seem to be happy just being themselves. They put on no airs and have no expectations. 

These flowers remind me to bloom where I am planted. No matter what is going on around me, bring my best. When things look worn out or messy, bloom anyway. When debris from life gets in the way, bloom anyway. Because you might not be blooimng only for you. Your light and your joy gives permission and freedom to others to do the some. By bringing your best you encourage others to do their best, and you take away the excuses the daily grind often provides. 

Today’s lesson is from the forest flowers. Bring your best, no matter what. You never know who you are impacting simply because they walk by.