When we are building our lives, it takes time and patience for our plans to move from idea through to implementation. Patience is a virtue that comes in handy when we keep putting in the effort and do not see the results. We keep working, keep working, keep working and may not see and fruit from our labors. It is those times in life when we need to be reminded that we will reap the benefits from the seeds we have sewn. It is at times like this when I think of the Chinese Bamboo Tree. 

When the seed for a bamboo tree is planted, it takes a while for the root system to develop. The grower waters the seed for the first year, and nothing shows above ground. The grower waters the seed for the second year, and nothing shows above the ground. Now imagine you are the person who planted that seed, and after two years there is still nothing to show. Talk about frustrating and discouraging. Now imagine that you water it and hope for growth for another four years. It can take up to six years for the root system to build up enough for a plant to break through the ground. For all those years the roots are growing strong, deep and nearly impenetrable. The roots grow up to sixty feet deep BEFORE anything appears above ground. The grower must be faithful to protect the seed as the roots grow deep before a plant begins to show above ground. Once the shoot begins to show above ground, it will grow exponentially in the first year. Some trees end up being a sixty to a hundred feet tall. 

The grower sees nothing for six to seven years, then it explodes above ground to possibly reach a hundred feet tall. Do you have the faith and patience to let your dream build for many years before you see any results? Is your dream big enough, or will a couple months work for it all getting started? If your dream can build that quickly, how strong is the root system? When trouble comes, strong winds or devastating turmoil…will your dream stand, or will it fall apart? The bigger the dream, the more you believe and want it to succeed, the longer you may need to be patient in order to see the results you want long term. 

Give your dream and your future time to build roots. Let time be your friend and let patience rule your decision making process. Once bamboo is established, it is almost impossible to remove it. Ask anyone who has tried to remove bamboo from their property. When it gets established, it will be there for a very long time. Your dreams and ideas are worth the time and effort. Keep tending your ideas, give them food and water, and be patient…a solid foundation makes all teh difference.