We spent the evening with a couple thousand people enjoying the performing arts. We saw Carmine Burana, a provocative piece that included the symphony, choral voices, featured opera singers all combined with a magnificent ballet. The performance was spectacular, unexpected and over before I was ready for it to end. It left me wanting more. I was so engrossed in the story that I lost track of time. 

As we drove home I thought about all the effort, practice, time and expertise that went into the performance. The music, the performers, the ballet choreography, the costumes, and the stage design. It all worked together to create a very memorable experience. And yet with all that, I wanted more. I was disappointed when it was over, in a good way. It made me think of other times when I was left wanting more. It also made me think of when I have been disappointed. When I was left feeling as if something had been forgotten or over looked. 

Too many times we have expectations about things and find ourselves at either end of the spectrum. We want to be amazed and astounded, to only be left feeling robbed. Or we don’t know what to expect and we are blown away by what we experience and can’t help talking about it for days. Unmet expectations leave us angry, unfulfilled and a bit hesitant the next time we look forward to something. Being disappointed once does not mean you will always be disappointed. The same is true for fabulous. Just because the last thing was absolutely astounding does not mean everything will be that great. The excitement and adventure in life is you never know which way things will go.

The same is true for people. Sometimes they will astound and sometimes they will disappoint. You can’t give up on everyone, or expect them all to be fantastic at everything. After all, like us they are only human. It is our ability to bounce back from disappointment and relish the wonderful that makes each interaction with people part of the adventure of life. Being able to forgive the mistakes and cherish the mind blowing wonderfulness keeps us all humble, and it keeps us on our A game. Knowing how it feels to be disappointed keeps us pushing harder to exceed expectations. We don’t like being disappointed, and we don’t like disappointing others. Focus on the good, the great performances and keep those close at hand when you next work to exceed someone’s expectations.