I was tired and just boarded my flight home. This was the view of sunset out my window. The adrenaline had stopped and I was ready to rest. It had been a long week, positive yet I was tired. Sometimes it is nice to feel teh same way as the world around you – done for the day and ready for a good night’s sleep. I took a and in the short flight, which provided jsut enough energy for me to drive home from the airport. 

As I drove home I thought about how our modern conveniences have robbed us of the ability to take our cues from nature. Who needs to worry about sunset when we can simply turn on the lights. Who needs to get a solid night’s sleep when we can take a pill to help enduce sleep. Who needs to enjoy sunrise when we can set an alarm and awake anytime we want. Who needs to enjoy the onset of the seasons when we can fly to wherever the season is and enjoy it there. Our ability to alter our environment with modern conveniences leaves us with the illusion that we are in control. 

When you see a colorful sunset, or enjoy a spectacular sunrise you are humbly reminded that we are in no way in control of our world. We are passengers on this planet who are tolerated for decades until we turn to dust and complete the circle of life. As you spend your day, notice the cues of nature and let her reveal her beauty in her way, without conveniences, so you can tap into the beauty that is the world around you.