It was a foggy morning and the trees were covered in mist. There was a deep sense of calm and mystery covering the land. It was like one of the storybook settings where the damsel waits patiently for her prince to arrive. Or the Orge walks the land looking for the treacherous villain. Or the despair from the long, cold winter is beginning to lift to allow the Spring to finally emerge. Fog has a way of making anything seem possible, anything you can imagine has possibilities. 

I had dinner with a friend tonight and we spent the evening dreaming big dreams, sharing deep ideas, and imagining what we want our lives to be in the future. It was a fabulous night full of hope and ideas. And what made it best of all was that we are planning to make all those fabulous ideas come to fruition. Dreaming and imagining are wonderful, amazing activities, what is even better is watching your dreams come true. Somehow plans take shape, ideas turn into events and milestones bloom out of inklings. Passions rise and excitement permeates your soul until you can no longer contain your dream. It takes flight then soon impacts the world and changes everything. 

For all that to happen you first have to see through the fog. You have to imagine something and dare to believe that it might be possible. Then you have to keep thinking about it, refining it, honing it until the edges solidify and begin to frame  the picture. After the edges come into view, you have to take your first leap of faith and share it outloud with another human soul. And that moment may be your most frightening as you wait for judgement, panic, laughter or worst of all silence. We know not everyone will understand our dream yet we hope for someone who will believe with us helping the dream to grow. 

It’s is seeing through the fog that may be the hardest step. It can seem like a dim view into a bright future, that at the moment only provides a glimpse at what is possible. The grayness covers everything and seeps across the soil. To see beyond the fog you must dare to hope that the sun will rise, and all will change. Like the princess or Ogre in fairy tales, give into that little voice inside your heart and allow yourself to dream. See past the fog and give your dreams life.