I truly love to see people express themselves. No matter who they are, or where their circumstances have led them, people always find a way to express who they are and what is important to them. I was in an office building today and this cube dweller had their area covered from floor to ceiling with buttons. I stopped to take a quick glance and all these buttons have to do with books, or characters, or some form of the written word. As this employee stared into their computer screen they were simultaneously advocating books and learning. I enjoyed the irony of an automated office endorsing books. I also enjoyed this person sharing with everyone who walked by their unique way of sharing their passion. 

We live in a world that sells us things, markets to our online clicks and works very hard to make us like everyone else. We are bombarded with media, television, radio, and printed word that implies we need to belong, fit in, buy something to make our life better, or they will keep pushing us until we make a purchase. We are encouraged to be creative and unique beings and yet pushed to do whatever it takes to be accepted. We see beautiful people on commercials enjoying life because they use a certain ingredient, drive a brand of car, or take a particular prescription. It can be exhausting keeping up with what is in style, out of style, popular, ‘the’ toy for the holiday or the outfit you ‘must’ wear to your next event. 

Wouldn’t you rather just be true to yourself? Wouldn’t you just rather get up and be the best you possible? Be the real you not an imitation of someone else. That means knowing yourself and having the courage to express yourself in every situation you encounter. It may mean hanging up buttons in a computer space to promote reading books. It may mean wearing what is in your closet instead of buying the latest look, in order to save for your dream trip. It may mean saying no when your friends are doing something you don’t really want to do. 

Have the courage today to speak your mind, express your thoughts, and reveal the real you to the world. There is no doubt we will all be the better for knowing the real, true, honest you.