This photo is the destruction of a laptop. I was harvesting the key caps to use in a future art project. I have seen key caps used in many ways, and I wanted to try. So how do you get key caps without buying them online, you dismantle your old laptop before you take it to be recycled. I also dug out the chips within the case and some of the connecting cords. I have no idea what I will do with all this bounty, but I look forward to trying something new. 

All of us have been invaded by computers. I find it hard to imagine life without them. But when I was growing up there was no internet, no online profiles, no online ordering or visiting a website. We sent things via email mail or called people, and if they didn’t answer we had to call back because there was no answering machine or voicemail. When we wanted to meet up with friends, we had to wait until they arrived because we could not text to find where they were. We had to call home on pay phones and wake up to an alarm clock that was only a clock. My how times have changed, computers are in everything. And here I am planning to use computer parts in a piece of art. 

Somewhere in the last forty years we have moved from snail mail to email, from wanting to change our world with computers to changing our art by recycling computer parts. Who would have imagined that a few decades could change things so much? Who could have imagined that computers would invade our world, make it better, and inspire us to use them in increasingly unique ways? Who would have imagined that people would be able to change the world without ever leaving their home? 

I am glad someone imagined all that and more. I am glad very smart people, very ingenious people, and very persistent people created technology that change our world…and are inventing more new things each and every day. The least I can do is find something cool to do with the recycled bits. I guess it is time for me to be smart, ingenious and persistent. 

How can you be smart, ingenious and persistent today?