Enjoy the Ride

Life is like a roller coaster. Up then down, flips and spins and amazing speeds where we feel overwhlemed. Some of us thrive in this environment. We enjoy not knowing what will happen next. Others of us want a more steady ride, like a carousel. We want routine and a path with a plan. In amusement parks there are people who wait in life for both types of rides. 

So which one do you prefer? And how do you react when you find yourself on the other ride? Sometimes the challenge isn’t dealing with what we like, it is dealing with what we do not like or want. When we feel bored or overwhlemed and out of control, we tend to react without knowing it. 

As you ride through yoru day today, think about if it feels like a roller coaster or a carousel…and which one do you prefer? Whichever it is, enjoy the ride. 


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