This is a gel print created by my friend Laurel Englehardt. She has an amazing eye for color and form. The cool part about this print is that she had leftovers on her printing surface and wanted to leverage them. So all the colors you see around the edges and the remnants you see in the middle were leftover paint splotches from previous work. She ‘lifted’ all the jots and diddles off with fresh purple ink. Not only is the color amazing but the colors that were lifted add such life and depth to the sheet. 

We all have eaten leftovers, but what about leftove ideas? You know, the ones you had years ago and wrote down but forgot and left for dead. The half finished needlepoint, or the half painted picture. There is the half completed article, story, or novella. What about the creative idea where you bought all the supplies and have put them in a box that now sits on a lower shelf somewhere in the garage? The cut wood that is drying or the house paint you bought meaning to freshen up your guest room? Or the career move you wanted to make and have never had the ‘right’ time? These are the creative leftovers we were passionate or excited about at one time, then life got in the way. 

It is amazing what you can do with creative leftovers. I dare you to find that box in the garage or edit the story you always wanted to finish. Or better yet, jump right back in and use the leftovers to create something new. If you are tired or bored or feeling lacksidaysical about this time of year, maybe it is time to dip into your creative leftovers. If this beautiful sheet is any indication, you will be amazed and astounded at how you can transform your art, your idea, your thoughts when you tap into those creative leftovers from your past.