You know exactly what I mean…excited, giddy, money burning a hole in your pocket. You remember the days when you had spare change and found yourself ogling rows and rows and rows of confections. Your mouth began to water and your spine tingled with the anticipation that you could choose anything you wanted…as long as the change in your pocket could cover the price. What a moment, but not the best moment. The BEST moment was when you unwrapped the sugary treat and gobbled it down, to only open another and another until you felt sick. Then to leave the store and find your way back home while the sugar rush invades your mind and body. A kid in a candy store…what a fantastic experience and saying. 

I hope that you have something you are looking forward to like you did when you had that spare change in your pocket. A trip, a goal, a milestone, a dream…something. Something you want THAT bad and can’t wait to get. Something you get uncontrollably excited about and want to share with all your friends. Something that has no rhyme or reason, yet brings you boundless joy and excitement. We all need things to get excited about and look forward to…every single one of us. SO if you do not have that ‘thing’ then find it, get one, search for something that gets you excited like a little kid again. Without hope of things to come the days can seem endlessly grey. 

Go out and find the thing that will get you excited like a kid in a candy store…