These are fishing nets used as lights in an Asian restaurant at Downtown Disney – Morimoto Asia. It was an amazing dinner and an amazing location. I’ve had this photo for a while and was not sure what to write about it. Do I focus on the light, or on the shapes? On the cool repurposing of fishing nets? Or the fabulous meal we enjoyed? Or does something else come to mind and need to be shared about this photo? I find myself in a quandary. 

So many thoughts are whirling around my head right now and none of them seem to be making any sense. Nothing particularly word worthy seems to be moving from my head to my fingers onto the keyboard. Maybe that is what I supposed to write about…nothing to say when you want to say something. This week I talked to many people. A woman who had just experienced a radical hysterectomy. A man who’s father passed away. Another fellow who lost his dog to cancer, and a third man who had a cousin who died. There was the guy who thinks he might lose his job, and the woman who is pondering divorce. Not sure why they wanted to tell me about all this, so I just listened, provided a hug or warm hand and then listened some more. 

So many things happen in life and we just don’t have the words to describe or explain, understand or console. We want to let the other person know we care, and words fail us. We want to provide support or guidance and nothing we think will be of value comes to mind. We feel like a hug or warm hand is not enough. We hope that the right words will come out of our mouth, and all we can muster is silence. I felt that way as all these people were sharing their life stories with me. I wanted to say something and yet nothing other than platitudes came to mind…so I chose silence. 

Maybe the lack of words is a good thing. Maybe it reminds us that we do not have to say anything in order to touch someone. Support and empathy come in many forms, words are only one of them. When tears are flowing or emotions are high, sometimes a simple touch of the hand, a hug or a strong pat on the back says enough. Better to show and share the emotion than fumble around with words that may or may not work. 

Thank you for reading while I fumbled around on this one…if I could give you a hug that may have been better, but I have not figured that one out via social media. When you encounter your own lack of words, give in, give up, and give a hug.