On a dull Winter day the colors of Summer are a welcome relief. As we put on warm sweaters, long underwear and sit under blankets, it can be hard to think about wearing a bathing suit or relaxing under a bright umbrella on the beach. This abstract work was a reminder to me that just as the day follows night, the Summer will follow Winter. 

Sometimes we need a reminder that where we are now is not where we will always be. Life has a way of changing in cycles. Like fashion if you wait long enough things will change and come back around. Life has patterns like the tracks of a roller coaster. Up down, right left, fast, slow, climb then stop. Move fast, move slow, build momentum then you are done. It can be both frustrating and liberating at the same time, once you see and understand that there are patterns. 

Summer will head our way in a matter of months, which means we experience more…more time as the days are longer, more activities, more outside, more thoughts of fun and family. Summer brings fire flies and popsicles, cook outs and fireworks. Summer brings pool parties and colorful flowers. Summer brings children home from school and parents home for vacation. Hard to remember all that as we endure the dull days of Winter. 

No matter what the weather is where oyu are today, Summer will be here before you know it. Remember that Summer is a season of life and will be here soon and feel like it leaves just as quickly. Whatever is happening in your world right now, remember it is a season and things will change again before you know it. Then just as things change, they also stay the same. Think of today as part of your current season…things will change again soon.