I ate dinner sitting next to a very accomplished man. He was a participant in my class and had an intersting career choice dropped on his plate this week. About seven months ago he took on a new role to learn more about a particular business. He has found it exciting, challenging, and is enjoying making changes and moving things forward. Two days ago his previous boss approached him about coming back to work for him in a newly created job which would utilize his passion completely. The dilemma – keep the current job, go to a new role…definitely a question worth pondering. 

As we ate dinner we talked about his options going both directions. He asked great questions, as did I. When making a decision it isn’t a problem finally making the choice if you have asked yourself the right questions. Seeking the insights of others also helps, as they might think of questions you had not considered. Experience is the best teacher especially when it is someone else’s experience. 

Traveling this path called life is never a straight line, more a winding road. We need to consider our choices and consider them wisely. Seek trusted council and ask the right questions. It takes time to travel, learn, grow, and move forward. It takes patience and perserverence to leave a known path and try a new one. It takes courage and strength to give up the road you are on and try a new one. Life with throw you curves and you have choices on where oyu want to travel. Do you stay where you are or take a risk? How comfortable are you with risk? How comfortable are you with failure? HOw willing are you to succeed? 

The challenge in life is not getting what you want, it’s wanting what you have once you have gotten it. We seek success and yet all to often have never defined success for ourselves. The winding path will lead you down many trails, take many turns and give you options all along the way. TAke a deep breath, ask questions, and move forward. Want what you want once you have it and find your way to your own success.