There was a time with when women didn’t leave the house without a hat. It was a fashion essential and completed any outfit. Wearing a hat was THE element and let everyone know you were at the height of fashion. This blue hat is part of a vintage collection for sale at Westside Market. I love the color, the style and the way it stands out from any other hats on the rack. 

When we were teenagers we wanted to belong, be liked, be noticed but not too noticed. We were overwhelmed with figuring out who we were and what we wanted out of life. We were exploring and learning something everyday about what we wanted in the future. We did our homework, did our chores, and did everything possible to have friends and find ourselves. Being a teenager was a full time job. Between the hormones, the peer pressure and the learning it took a lot of energy to just get up each day. 

After our teenage years we moved into our twenties which may have included college, getting a first real job, moving into our own place and learning how to build a life with every bill we paid. We dated, we failed at things, we ate a lot of macaroni and cheese or ramen noodles…and we kept our heads above water. We worked to learn on the job in order to get ahead. We worked to live the life we imagined and get better each day in who we are and what we believed. 

From our twenties we moved into our thirties, forties, and some of us have hit our fifties. Time has flown and we are still working each day to be who we are and pass our life lessons onto the next generations. In a world that is trying everyday to make you look, feel, and think like everyone else, isn’t it time for you to be the blue hat on the rack? No matter your age or stage of life, be you to the core. Be who you want to be no matter what. Let the beauty, color and unique things about you shine for all the world to see. You have soemthing to offer that no one else does. Find it, embrace it and wear it proudly.