Life is full of texture…fluffy things, prickly things, smooth things and rough things. They all serve their purpose and make our days interesting. The fluffy days make the prickly days bearable. The rough days are bearable knowing that the smooth days will find us soon. If there is anything life teaches us is that nothing lasts forever. Things may last a long time or for a sudden burst, but nothing lasts forever. 

So what are you experiencing right now…fluffy, prickly, smooth, rough, or some combination of them all? Maybe you are leaving one and headed into another. Maybe you are heading into one and can see it coming your way. Or maybe you have had smooth sailing for a long period of time. Smooth doesn’t last forever, so get ready for something else. 

The texture of life is learning from each one – fluffy, prickly, smooth,rough – learning the lessons and then applying them to our future. There are winners and there are learners…you will be one or the other or both no matter the current texture of your days. So enjoy the days and learn the lesson, because nothing lasts forever.