Waiting can be the hardest part. You simply want an answer, or confirmation, or clarity about what is going on. These places and spaces are set up to give us somewhere to sit while we wait. The chairs are fairly comfortable. The colors are neutral and not demanding. The magazines are out of date and rather dull. The music or television are just loud enough to dull the office sounds yet not too loud to bother. It is a perfectly crafted space when you are simply waiting. 

However, nothing can calm the anxiety, fear, or sense of dred as you wait. No matter how long you wait, you are simply waiting. The physical space meets the physical needs and the emotional need still lingers. No one can see the emotions you are feeling, but they are still there. The lack of information you are waiting to know will either alleviate the anxiety or cause more. Part of the challenge is waiting for answers from people who you barely know and cannot reach unless you wait in their appointed space. 

Life is full of things we wait for…growing up, our first date, finishing school, moving into our first place…and all the other things that we hope for as we age. Then there are the things we wait for that we want in our professional lives and work to accomplish…first solid paying job, first promotion, first decision to make a change, first time you stand up for  yourself…and all the other things we work towards as we age. Then there are the other things we wait for…holidays, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, parties, celebrations…and all the other things we look forward to as we age. 

No matter how we wait, no matter how long it takes, none of us are going to get out of life alive…no one. So whatever it is you are waiting for – results, life changes, professional accomplishments, holidays…don’t put the rest of life on hold while you wait. Don’t let the waiting rule your world. There is always something you will be waiting for, and yet life needs to go on and keep moving forward. Waiting is. State not the goal…so keep moving while you wait, the answer will come soon.