We all think that when we talk to people they understand our message. If they do not understand, we try talking more. We use our hands or write it down, or text, email, or use different words to communicate the message. We talk louder, or slower, or get right in their face. All this in an effort to get our message across. 

So how do you know when someone is listening and understands your message? They nod, they ask questions, they may act on your message, or they comment and add to the conversation. If they are just quiet, then how do you know? Quiet doesn’t mean thinking, it may mean processing or not paying attention at all…thinking of something else. Quiet could mean that’s are waiting for you to stop talking so they can join the conversation. We assume so much when we talk to people. We assume they get what we are trying to communicate. We think that we are clear and concise. Assuming doesn’t help anything.

Who are the people you know that are good communicators? Who are the people you understand best and clearly get their message? Who do you have problems communicating with? Is that because of language, or vocabulary, or something else? Next time you want to communicate a message, keep in mind that clear and concise really works. Clearly use your words and be concise in what you want to say. When talking to people more is not always better.