I saw these flowers in an obliging field. They looked both hopeful and tired at the same time. This has been a strange winter here is Georgia…nine degrees one night, close to seventy degrees a few days later. The flowers, animals, and people seem to be a bit confused. It’s wonderful to have such warm weather, and yet creepy at the same time. We are still in Winter, so flowers are not supposed to be budding and grass is not supposed to be growing yet. I do not think Mother Nature is ready for the next step. 

It made me think about the times I thought I was ready for the next step, only to find out I was sorely ill prepared. Either I was over eager and poorly skilled, or I did not have the maturity or professional savvy to handle things. Sort of like being thrown in the deep end of the pool when you are learning to swim…you learned or you drowned. Some of my best life and career lessons have come out of those wobbly circumstances. I knew I was over my head and figured out quickly how to never be in that position ever again. 

When we are thrown into something we find out quickly what we are made of, what we can tolerate, and how we handle stress. We also find out who believes in us no matter what…and who is a fair weather friend. All this knowledge only prepares us for a better future, assuming we survive the current hours of treading water above our skill level. I have also learned how I never want to feel again OR make anyone else feel. This is a tough way to learn.

How do you react when you are over your head? How do you respond when you feel ill equipped for the situation? How do you process the lessons AND not repeat all this again in the future? Knowing yourself and how you react under pressure can  make the difference between surviving nine degrees at night and dealing with seventy degrees a couple days later. Success happens when opportunity and preparedness meet…so surviving the strange weather and the deep end of the pool are both situations that get us prepared. The good news is these flowers will bloom again, and Spring will arrive as expected in a couple months…and you will learn.