When I get home there is sometimes a curious kitty greeting me at the garage door. Buschi simply wonders who it is, and will they let him inside and give him a treat? What I think is so cute is that he will wait there until you get up to the door, then he trots along the deck banister to join you at the back door. He is a loyal friend who enthusiastically welcomes us home…eventhough he really just wants a treat. 

Pets make our lives better. They provide friendship and companionship. They serve as alarm clocks and intruder alerts. They make us notice things, and take care of things, and interact with things we might otherwise let slide. They keep us honest by doing exactly what we have trained them to do. They give us purpose and joy and entertainment at all hours of the day and night. Pets give love unconditionally and share in our pain. They are a warm friend and a  cold nose at just the right moments. 

If you have the joy of befriending a pet, you know how they change our lives. You also know the responsiblity taking care of them brings to your world. Owning a pet or befriending an animal means you are willing to stand in the gap and make sure they are protected, safe, and cared for no matter what. That you will share your life and your care for them as long as they patter around. They become our family, our children, our confidants. They change our lives for the better, and leave us all too soon. 

Pet your pooch or cuddle your kitty today…Even if they wake you up before the alarm or startle you at night when barking at a bird. Revel in the joy, humor and love your animals provide…and be sure to feed them when you get home!