I have many, many pictures in my iPad library that I have taken them hoping to use them in my blog. This one is from a vase I found at Westside Market. I thought the colors and spool sizes were interesting. I probably have hundreds of shots to choose from when I get ready to write. Tonight I am a little stumped. I do not really know what to say about this photo. That doesn’t happen very often, yet here I am. 

What do you do when you need things to move forward and nothing seems to be coming your way? You have a lot of great ideas, and yet no direction on how to move forward. Or you know what you need to do and there is little or no inspiration? It is as if you are sparce on inspiration…ugh! Ideas cannot be forced, no matter how we try. 

I have a couple go to activities to get my creative juices flowing. I go to the movies. For a couple hours my reality is put on hold and somehow my mind is able to release the blockage and things begin to flow. I don’t know why, but it always changes my mood and my creativity. If there is not a movie I want to see, I try and do something physical around the house…like clean or paint or rearrange a piece of furniture, or organize in the studio. Changing my environment somehow makes my thoughts go outside the box and sparks new ideas. Last but not least, I sit in my studio and enjoy the quiet. Just staring at art supplies gives me the courage to do something – anything creative. 

Inspiration, creativity, motivation – they are all very pesky elements that make our lives better and more interesting. Somehow we try to force ourselves to me imaginative or creative or motivated and usually it doesn’t work. Usually we end up more frustrated in trying to get started. If we are patient  with ourselves and our ideas, time has a way of bringing out the best in us. Instead of trying to make it work, we need to let go and step outside of ourselves and our blockage and let the ideas flow naturally. The best ideas are the unexpected ones, the ones that flash into your mind and take over. The lead from one idea to another, like a thread leading the maker through the production of a beautiful quilt. Follow the thread to the end and the idea is complete. 

If you find yoruself stumped, let go and do something else. The ideas are there. The inspiration is there. The motivation is there…you simply need to let go and then let it flow.