We’ve been busy taking down the holidays and getting used to a new year. Our can ARtie has the right idea here…time for a break! The average cat sleeps 14-16 hours per day, and that is the minimum. 

I read a study that said that most people do not get enough sleep. The average adult needs eight hours of sleep per night. Not eight hours on weekends or eight hours on vacation, eight hours every night. That is the amount of rest your body needs to reset, rejuvenate, relax. You cannot make up sleep, and deprived of the amount needed you risk weight gain, loss of memory, reduction of reaction times, an inability to concentrate, and the list goes on. 

The challenge most of us have is we are over scheduled and stressed to the point that we do not sleep enough. We cram as much as we can into each day, have a hard time getting to sleep, staying asleep and sleeping soundly. Over time this lack of proper rest wears us out and prevents us from being our best. Setting aside time to rest and rejuvenate is a committment. It also means setting aside time from the busyness of life to sleep. Stop, relax, sleep. It means making your health a priority. It means putting things on hold and going to bed at a regular time then getting up at a regular time. 

What prevents us from getting more sleep, more rest? Is it our culture? Is it pressure to perform? To make more money, which means working more in order to get ahead? Is it too many ideas and not enough time to produce? It is an uncomfortable bed? Is it an inability to sleep or not wanting to sleep? Maybe it is rebellion because you want to stay up late and ignore requirements? Maybe you just don’t like to sleep. Whatever it is, I ask you to think about it. Think about how important your life and your family are to you. Are they worth your good health? If the answer is yes, then think about your sleep and get more. Take time for a sleep…and do it often.