It is that time, time to take down all the holiday decorations. I was proud of myself this year as I had everything cleaned up and ready for Spring. I took one last glance at our library where we put the tree this year, and I saw it…the forgotten Christmas decoration still hanging on the mantle. Rats! It seems like every year I find something I forgot to put away days after I have finished cleaning. Last year it was a door knob decoration of a bear dressed as Santa I found after Easter. 

I had a good laugh at myself and promptly took down the ho, ho, ho garland. A friend of mine made it for us several years ago, so taking it down made me think of her. Maybe that wasn’t such a bad thing. Having to take down that one last decoration made me think fondly of the wonderful Christmas we had, the family time and the reason for the season. Maybe it was the reason I always forget something, to remind me of the season that has passed and savor the blessings it brought. 

We are almost halfway through January and with everything cleaned up it can seem as if the holidays are in the distant past. The novelty of the new year is gone and we have all gotten used to writing 2017 on our calendars. I hope today you are able to look back and savor a find memory of something special, someone special, or a special activity you enjoyed. Life is made up of busy days and memories. All too often we forget to remember the wonderful blessings that got us here. TAke tie the day to remember the special things…and take time to hunt down that forgotten decoration!