So the new year has come and gone and we are swiftly on our way to the middle of the first month. The ‘newness’ is quickly wearing off and the routines of daily life have taken hold. The prickly things of your world are back and may be biting you in the fanny. The mangled up, tangled up mess that you put off resolving because it was the holidays has NOT gone away,  in fact it may have gotten worse. So what do you do now? 

You can’t avoid it anymore. You can’t blame the holidays or the new year. You can’t blame anyone else…even if you want to. It’s time to deal with it. That may mean having a tough conversation with yourself or someone else. It may mean trimming your belt and saving to pay off that credit card. It may mean getting out of your chair and exercising to get back in shape. It may mean going to bed earlier to get more sleep…it may be some combination of all of those things. Whatever you need to do the time has come to do it. 

Life is never a smooth ride, not for anyone. Everyone struggles, everyone has bumps in the road…everyone has turmoil and strife. The real difference between us is how we handle the barb wire of life. Do we run? Do we pout? Do we avoid? Do we run straight into the fight and duke it out until there is resolution? Whichever way you choose, do something. Stop being a victim and get it done. Those of us who love you don’t want to hear you complain anymore IF you are not willing to change or act. You cannot control what happens to you, but you can control how you react ot it. 

Consider this your wake up call to get out and get going. Everyone has a tangled up, mangled up mess in their world somewhere or at some time…the difference is what we do about it. Believe me – as someone who has survived things I NEVER would have dreamed could happen – you too can press on and clean up that mess. You know what I am talking about. Do not pretend I am wiriting this to someone else. I mean you!!! You have that ‘thing’ you would rather avoid. Consider this your swift kick in the pants to get off your keister and get it done. You can get rid of the mess, yes you can…no one will do it for you BUT YOU!!!

End of pants kicking!