After the storm there are always rough roads. Travel can be dicey and treacherous, sometimes slow and quite taxing. You know you have to get to your goal or destination, and yet getting there will be most of the challenge. You have the skills and tools, yet your path is covered with mess. 

Right now this road looks like it is pretty clear as the sun has melted the snow. Time is to your advantage in that the snow is melting. But you know the day will soon be over and the sun will go down. The wet puddles will re-freeze and treachery will return. If you travel when the sun is out, you’re ok…if you wait until too late to get on the road, ice will be your only companion. Timing is everything and patience is a vuirtue. 

Timing and patience are important elements in life as well. You may feel prepared and ready for the next step, eventhough you have no idea how you will get there. Being prepared is the first step, traveling no matter the road conditions is the real test. Being able to navigate the path by reading the environment and elements can be what gets you to the next step. I have seen too many people push it too early only to end up in a ditch because they were impatient or over confident. They thought they were prepared and the road conditions wouldn’t effect them…only to end up frustrated, broken down or worse yet stranded by failure. This unexpected early failure can leave some wounded and hesitant to try again. Being overconfident too early ended up hurting instead of getting them ahead. 

The other side of that is being patient and allowing time to work in your favor. It sounds easy, and yet being patient can be the hardest attribute to practice. You know what you want, you know where it is, you think you know how to get it…so you act. Only to have jumped the gun and ended up in trouble. Only to encounter elements you are not prepared to deal with, so you end up farther behind than if you had just given yourself a little more time. 

As your week progresses remember to let time be your assistant on the journey instead of your foe. You may be prepared and ready to go, don’t rush it. Don’t let overconfidence lead you out of the gate too soon…patience is a virtue. Like a fine wine, expertise takes time to develop. Learn to know when to go and when to wait. The goal is to get there alive, healthy, and ready to get started.