It is that rare night in Georgia when it is snowing. Winter is here spreading it’s quiet all over the northern part of the state. We usually only see snow about once a year. Everyone battens down the hatches by stocking up on groceries, milk, fuel and adult beverages. We know that in the morning we will stay off the roads and trample through the snow to play like children. We may build a snowman or create snow angels in the grass. We will enjoy the beauty and peace that comes after a night of snow.

For some people this isolation may seem silly. I had to get used to it when I moved south. Having grown up outside of Chicago we never let snow stop us – school was never cancelled, getting groceries was no challenge, and we continued life as normal. Here in Georgia the mere mention of snow stops averything. People here think they can drive on the curvey, unplowed roads only to find themselves pushing their vehicle out of a ditch. The smart plan is to prepare and stay put. 

The hard part is not being able to control anything. We have to sit and wait it out. I think this is God’s way of forcing us to stop and be calm. This weather reminds us that we are not in control. We simply need to enjoy the silence and peacefulness. So for now we simply admire the snow and enjoy the peace. 

How hard is it for you to sit still and enjoy the peace and quiet? Why is that? Too much to do? Too many things pulling at your mind? Always something ‘better’ to do than just sit in the quiet? You may not have snow tonight to help slow down your world, but you can choose to slow down all on your own. Winter is here, with darkness and quiet…enjoy it, don’t fight it.