We may get snow this weekend. We live in Georgia so this is quite exciting and winterie at the same time. It will be our first chance for snow this Winter, and maybe our last. I find this weather update ironic as today my Mom’s Daffodils bloomed. I know we still have several more months of winter. The days are still dark very early, and the sun rises rather late. So the darkness can seem endless and the long nights move by v e r y, v e r y slowly. Sometimes I am tired and want to go to bed, check the time and it is only 5:30…ugh! This time of year seems to lag on forever leaving us feeling drab and dull. When I saw this flower blooming in all this dullness and darkness it gave me hope. 

Sometimes all we need is hope, even if it is just a little. I heard a song line say, “hope is frail but hard to kill”. I truly belive that for many of like’s problems, challenges and overwhelming odds all we need is a glimmer of hope. We need to know that what we are facing is not the only thing out there. We need to know this it is not insurmountable. We need to know that others have survived, made it through and blossomed bespite facing the darkness. Flowers like this one give us that glimmer and keep hope alive. 

You may not be in a place where the flowers are starting to bloom, or where hope shines bright. Your hope may come in the  shape of a kind word, dinner with a close friend, or a picture you find online. Or you may be the one to bring hope to others through encouragement, kind words, or a swift kick in the rear. We all need tangible examples that hope is still out there. We need to know that darkness does not rule. We need to know that somewhere it is sunny and bright and warm and joyful. We need to know that dreams do come true and the a glimmer of hope can get us through one more day. 

Today you may need a daffodil or you may need to be someone else’s daffodil. Which ever way it is, know that flowers still bloom bright and Winter will come to an end. Hope may be frail but it is hard to kill. Find your hope, give away your hope, or help someone else find theirs. All we need is a glimmer…believe in that glimmer of hope.