The sky was clear this evening and reminded me that there are more stars than anyone can count. Scientists are currently looking outside of our galaxy for other planets. They think there are hundreds maybe thousands out there that we have yet to discover. What an amazing thing to look up in the sky a not really know the end of it all. What an amazing thing to know there is more beyond what we currently know…dreams, possibilities, imaginations. 

When I look up and see the endless sky, I am able to think big. I am able to imagine that almost anything is possible. I am able to believe that anything I want to do or become is out there only waiting for me to act. Actions turn into reality and reality turns into tradition. 

So what reality are your wokring to create AND what tradition are you beginning to create? Both reality and traditions take time, lots of time. They also require lots of space. The more space you have the better, the bigger, the more intense it can all become. All you have to do is look up and emulate the endless sky. There is no limit there. There is a vast unknown up there. There are unknown possibilities yet to be discovered. The sky’s the limit if you only let go and believe. 

So look up at the sky and let yourself believe that nothing is possible.