Do you remember as a child reading a Dr Seuss book? Do you remember understanding with your childhood wisdom the lesson hidden within the words and amazing illustrations? Do you remember the fun verse, the colorful characters…the silly verbiage that stuck in your head? One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish…I will not eat greeen eggs and ham, I will not eat them Sam I Am…the cat in the hat. All the amazing things we learned through the genius that is Dr Seuss. 

Thank your parents, teachers, and that fun librarian who all worked together to make sure you could read. Thank the patient adults who sat reading the verses, and eventually listening as you read them yourself. Thank the grandparents or babysitters who read the same book over and over until you could read it by heart.  Thank the hours and hours you spent reading nonsensical text enjoying every minute learning that lessons could be fun and crazy cats and grumpy grinches could change. 

The genius that is Dr Seuss changed the way generations have learned to read, learned morals and ethics, learned that caring for the earth mattered before it was a trend. I can only imagine that somewhere in his path he was rejected before we was a hit. There were critics and naysayers, people who laughed at this ideas and stories, and people who made him feel like a failure. People who did not understand Sneeches or Loraxes or Whoville. People who could only see what they had always seen. 

Being able to read means being able to imagine. Being able to read means being able to learn ANYTHING you want. Being able to read means you can control your destiny and change your stars. Being able to read means you will never be alone and can travel the universe. Being able to read is one of the greatest gifts we can give. Do not take for granted that you can read this post…somewhere, someone taught you how to read and changed your world. If you ever have the opportunity, read outloud to a child and cultivate their hunger to read…even if it means that one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish will remain in your head for weeks. The investment is worth it.