It’s day three of the new year…how’s it going for you so far? Have you kept up with what you wanted to keep up with? Or has your reality come crashing back and the stuff of life has already taken over? Whew, it can be tough to make the new goals, ideas, and dreams stick when the bills and responsibilities of life become apparent. 

Sometimes it is not the bumps in the road that get us, we can see those coming. We can see the bad patch in our way or the  potholes, so we know when and how to maneuver to keep on track. As adults it can be the day to day practicalities of life that wear us down. Email, to do items, paying bills…exercising, eating right, sleeping enough, cleaning the house. And there is taking out the trash, doing laundry, changing the burnt out light bulbs, washing dishes…everything that makes our life better. Yet these things can overwhelm us when we get back to reality after vacation. It’s these prickley parts that get ya’! They almost make taking vacation a bad thing because getting caught back up can make us miserable. 

Really? Taking time off is worse that all that? Sad if that is true. Sad that relaxing is more of a hassle than actual life. Sad that we feel the pressure the minute we get back, instead of being able to ease into it. Maybe vacation isn’t the problem as much as the pressure we put on ourselves to keep everything going or to be perfect? Maybe if we simplified our lives a bit this year we wouldn’t have prickley things to ‘get us’? Vacation is a good thing, a healthy thing, a necessary thing. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! It also makes Jack a candidate for a nervous breakdown or heart failure. 

As you work through day three of this new year take time to simplify to prevent the routines of life from getting you frazzled. No one is perfect, no one expects perfect…except maybe you. Don’t let the prickley things get ya’ down…simplify instead.