For New Year’s we went to experience the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Here you see my husband and Mother-in-Law enjoying a ride together. They were both a bit hesitant to go on this one, yet they took the chance and had a blast. The park and everything about it was absolutely incredible. We all enjoyed ourselves beyond our imagination. 

What I like about this photo is that it reminds me to have the courage to overcome our fears, no matter the age. Kevin is in his late fifties and not a fan of roller coaster type rides. Phyllis turned eighty this past year and didn’t want to get too jostled around, but took the plunge on this ride and had a ball. When we got off she wondered if we wanted to go again!?! Both of these two sitting together on this ride remind me to not let age, or fear of the unknown keep me from the next adventure life has to offer. If we keep doing what we have always done, we will have what we have always had. To get something new or different, we have to take a risk and change. We have to get on the ride and hope for the best.

Today is teh second day of a new year, waht are you going to overcome in order to make your life new and different? Don’t miss out on your next adventure because of fear. Don’t let the way things have aleays been trap you into a reality that is simply ok. You deserve adventure and fun and excitement, along with a yell or scream of joy every once in a while. Give into teh fun and take the ride life offers. Ya’ never know, you just might want to do it again!