Welcome 2017! It’s a new year! Hooray for a clean slate and the beginning of a new adventure! This is the day when everyone makes resolutions and an effort to change habits. We set goals and make commitments that will make this new year better than the last. We get excited and look forward to new opportunities, new challenges, new ideas. 

But do not forget that you are taking yourself – all your current habits, traits, talents, and skills – into this new year. If you want something to change it won’t happen from pure excitement. Eventually the habits, routines and regular events of life will wear down your energy to the way it was last year and may have always been. Life has a way of brining us back to reality even when we are excited and committed beyond belief. 

Make this year different by making a commitment to yourself that you will live up to long after the emotions and excitement of New Year’s Day are gone. Make a commitment that you will want to live with in March, or July or even next December. Make a commitment that is so wonderful you need someone else to keep you accountable to see it through. Make a commitment to yourself and others that will truly change your world. What you want is worth the effort, so make a commitment and stick to it…even when it is no longer convenient or exciting to be committed. 

Let the adventure begin – make this year the beginning of the ride of your life!