This snapshot from the wand store at Harry Potter World shows the many options in the store. In the story the wand chooses the wizard, not the other way around. Here you see boxes and boxes and boxes of wands, waiting for the wizard to be ready. Waiting for the wizard to learn what they need to learn in order for the tool to be effective. Today is our wedding anniversary, and we are celebrating it with family. We’re sharing the adventure together, exploring and just having fun. It is great spending time away from all of our lives walking through the imagination the Harry Potter stories provide. We are creating new memories together by sharing the stories, the park, and the imagination. 

Unlike the stories, there is no real magic to being married – it is hard work, takes energy and focus, and there will always something new to learn. Everyone has a different idea of what a relationship ‘should’ be, and yet the successful ones are unique in all the best ways. I like to paint, my husband loathes painting. My husband loves to cook and go to the grocery store, and yet both those things do nothing for me. We like working together outside on things for our property. We both enjoy art, tinkering, shoppping and Japan. We are both fairly laid back  and like living a bit more remote and away from the hustle and bustle of the rat race. We are truly great friends and have learned how to resolve our conflicts. It has been many years and yet we both look forward to many more. 

The REAL magic in marriage is being yourself and being willing to change at the same time. The REAL magic is loving enough to let things go and yet knowing when to expect better of someone. The REAL magic is growing up and staying young at the same time. The REAL magic is wanting to be married, behave married, love married and have a deep abiding friendship in marriage. 

Thank you for magical years Kevin Bailey…here’s to many, many, many more!!!