This fellow was watching the booth at an outdoor antique dealer while we were shopping. He sat patiently and watched while all the customers walked around and admired, handled, gaucked and imagined all the beautiful things in ‘his’ store. He was the perfect host and had the same answer when anyone asked him a question…he wagged his tail, licked your hand, then went right back to watching the crowd. He was a great host without being too high maintenace or overbearing….very laid back and yet welcoming at the same time. 

Never underestimate the power of being laid back. In this hustle and bustle world it can be refreshing to be around someone who is not caught up in the game of life. While the world is going mad these unaffected people live life at their own pace, on their own schedule, and for their own reasons. In essence, they have gotten off the ride and are living the life they want NOT the life everyone else expects. They have made a choice to be their own person and live according to what they believe. You and I both know this takes a lot of guts and courage. We also know that these are the people we most enjoy being around. They have a refreshing impact upon us, and all too often we are drawn to them when we need rest or advice. 

As you ponder on your life and world during this end of the calendar year timeframe, I would ask you to think about why you live your life the way you do? Is it the pressure you put on yourself or are you trying to live up to the expectations of others? Are you working towards a goal of your own choosing, or slaving to fulfill someone else’s idea of who you need to be? Do you know what you want – what you REALLY want? Or are you plodding along in hopes that inspiration will settle in one day and urge you towards greatness? 

Let me leave you with his thought. We have a limited number of years in this life. When you are on your death bed and reflecting back on your days, will you be proud of how you spent them? Will you see the power of laid back at work in your world? Or will you be in a panic about the things you did not get done…when they don’t REALLY matter at all. Only you can choose to exhibit the power of laid back into your own world. My guess is the people in your life would appreciate more of you and less of the world…