I painted bathroom cabinets today. They went from white to this deep yellow gold color called jackfruit. After I had spent time prepping and sanding the cabinets I painted the first coat. My stomach sank and I was horrified. The color was shocking and I thought I had ruined the cabinets. I sat back and gulped, sighed, and I think I even said a few choice words…not ladylike words that is! My heart sank and I grew very silent and still. 

I went in search of my husband. He came upstairs and his eyes grew a little bigger when he saw the color. He too thought it was bright, but he liked it. I felt a bit better, and yet wondered if he was just telling me he liked it because he knew how hard I had been working on painting the bathroom. I greatly appreciated his opinion, yet I was left wanting. So it was time for a third opinion.

I asked my Mom to come over and give me her honest opinion. I respect her insights on color as she is a fabulous watercolorist and artist. She will also tell me when something is too much or too little, so I knew she wouldn’t just be nice. She too liked the color and pointed out why it probably overwhlemed my eye in the space. She proceeded to point out that same color in other places in the attached bedroom and around the house. I felt validated and a bit more secure in my bold move in painting this color. 

As I proceeded to spend the evening painting the doors and drawers with the bright yellow, I thought about why I needed so much reassurance. I thought about the times in my life when I had made bold moves. Some were for the better and some backfired. Some were very productive and others led me down a broken path. I do not regret any of the bold moves in my life. They have brought me to where I am now. They have helped shape me into the woman I am today. While painting the seventh cabinet door I realized that most of the bold moves in my past were somehow accompanied by support and validation from people in my life. There was always someone there to bounce my question, concerns, fears and excitement off of…often the same small group. So just like asking about the bright golden yellow in the bathroom, validation made the difference in my past. I know it is a stupid paint color, and yet it made me think long and hard about what will be my next bold move? What will be the next decision I make that needs validation from an outside source? 

I hope you have a source or two where you can go for support with your bold moves. We all need those people in our lives that are there to tell us the truth when we need to hear it most. The people who will support us in the good and the bad, the positive and negative. The ones who will tell us to proceed or go back and start again. Bold moves require validation, even if the answer is a strong ‘No’…someone needs to Telly ou the truth. So go out and make your own bold move and be sure to seek feedback from people you trust.