Today I said good bye to 1989. This is a sample of the ugly sponge paint job I ‘removed’ while painting a guest bathroom. The previous owner’s teenage daughter painted this when she was 16. At the time sponge painting was all the rage. This may not look that awful. Just imagine it ALL over a bathroom…glaring at you no matter where you try to hide – in the shower, using the commode, brushing your teeth. Our poor house guests have been subjected to this terrible room for too long. So today I painted the bathroom. 

As I worked to cover the awful pattern, I thought about how long the paint had been on the walls, and what was going on in my life in 1989. I also thought about how stuck we get by our own actions or lack of actions. I have lived in this hosue for thirteen years, and had never tackled painting this bathroom until now. Changing that room was low on my priority list. As I painted I realized I had been avoiding doing this because I wasn’t sure what color I wanted. I wasn’t sure that the awful paint could be covered, or how many coats of paint it would take. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to tackle painting yet another bathroom. Let’s face it, I avoided dealing with this mess for way too long. And yet all avoiding it did was make me feel pretty pathetic once I got started. 

It is now the end of the day and the room looks amazing. It isn’t all done yet, but it will be soon. After the hours of painting and cleaning I felt good about myself and the room. And I realize that I had made this project a MUCH bigger deal in my mind than it turned out to be. I do that all too often…I work things into a major deal in my mind, instead of just tackling the work and getting it done. Hours of painting today reminded me of this. 

As I face the new year I plan to tackle more and think less. Get it done instead of procrastinating by thinking about it for too long. Stop letting the fear I have imagined in my brain prevent me from action. Goodbye 1989 and hello 2017!