This is the time of year when I am motivated to get those nagging projects done. The ones I have put off all year because I didn’t want to do them, I didn’t know how to do them, I didn’t have time to do them. There are no excuses left, and the year is coming to a close. I suppose I do all this because I want to start the year on a positive note. Positive because I got things done I wanted to get done, and am ready for a new year. 

What type of projects you ask? One included painting our back stairs. They used to have dark green carpet – when I moved in – and the carpet was removed years ago. We have found ourselves using these stairs more and more, and they were pretty bland. I painted the stair backs, moulding, the stair tops and am in the process of adding a bit of poetry to make them more fun. It wasn’t a great deal of time, it was the prep work that took the longest. They have turned out nicely. (I’ll post a before and after shot in another post)

Another project was cleaning out the drawers in our bathrooms. You know those drawers that have all sorts of ‘stuff’ in them that you have no idea why nothing else fits inside anymore. I cleaned out the drawers in one of our guest bathrooms and on from under my sink. I am sad to report that I dumped a kitchen trash bag of junk into the garbage can. I found glasses I wore over ten years ago…how awful is that? It’s the junk that takes up space, compiles and eventually takes over. My hubby plans to clean his side tomorrow!?! As if that was not enough, I also want to paint a couple bathrooms and clean out our kitchen cabinets. Whew! I am busy and loving every minute of it. 

What is it about getting things in order that releases our minds? Why does cleaning out cabinets and clearing out the ‘junk’ make us feel better? Maybe because we get trapped by the to do items? Maybe we get discouraged and overwhlemed by things weighing us down? Maybe we feel less than when we open a drawer and can’t find anything? Maybe we just like getting things in order to start a new year right? 

Whatever the reason I encourage you to get that one thing done that will make you feel like starting a new year. The time spent getting the job done will be worth it. You will feel better, your space will be more functional, and your year will be off to a great start. End of the year projects are a great way to change your future one task at a time!