We spend all sorts of time shopping for the right gifts, wrapping them, unwrapping them, putting them together…and what is one of the BIG hits on Christmas Day? Playing in the boxes! Our cats are no exception to this time honored rule of post holiday frolicking. Here Artie drives himself looney playing in an empty gift box. 

As you spend your post holiday day, enjoy the gifts, the cards, the leftovers and the new things…and appreciate the box! Sometimes the best part of fun in being on vacation from work and school is making things up and imagining yourself to be anything you want. You can be a pilot, a princess, a doctor or something from outer space. If you can imagine it, you can play it. The only limitation you have is your own imagination. 

Isn’t that true of life? Our greatest limitations are the ones we impose on ourselves. We get stuck in the box and have a hard time imagining our lives outside of the box in which we currently reside. We think about our responsibilities, our obligations, our challenges, our problems, our education, our skills…and that is where the thinking stops. We can only seewhat  is right in front of us. We lose perspective. We can only see what we have and we cannot see other possibilities. WE get stuck in our box and live there quite nicely. 

But remember how you played with the box as a kid? Or like our cat? ANYTHING is possible. You can do or be anything…if you only choose to think differently. I am a true believer that if you think differently then you CAN be different. So play inthe  box and imagine you can be anything…then get out of the box and actually BE anything you want!