In the hustle and bustle of city life, even here it is Christmas. I spotted the Christmas tree in the apartment window in this building. It made me smile. I live in a rural area over sixty mile from where this shot was taken. Even I could relate to the city dweller who decorated their tree and put it in the window for all to see. I knew my tree at home would be lit up and waiting to greet me when I arrived. Our tree is on a timer, so the lights shine bright once it gets dark. As I walked down the street I knew that the joy and peace of Christmas was alive and well no matter where you live. City and country are not so different, we both put our trees up for all to share in the wonder. 

It is Chrsitmas across the globe. Children everywhere are excited and ready for Santa – or whatever they call him – to visit. Parents and Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, Cousins and relatives of all shapes and sizes are planning, cooking, preparing, and getting ready to celebrate this annual holiday. Traditions may be different. The treats they eat or the games they play may be strange to you and I, yet they are all filled with the joy of the season. City dwellers and Country folk alike are all hoping to share the season with the ones they love. 

As you prepare and enjoy your holiday traditions, cherish the time and precious moments you are able to spend with the ones you love. Remember those who are no longer with you, and create memories for those who are still in childhood. Don’t let demographics or where they live become a barrier for getting along. They may live differently than you, yet they love just like you do. They want peace on earth and good will toward men…and they probably put their Christmas tree in the window for everyone to enjoy.