We saw The Nutcracker performed by The Atlanta Ballet, and it was fabulous. My husband greatly enjoys it so I got tickets for his birthday. The audience was very full, with lots of children. The giggles, cheering and clapping make the performance that much more fun. Families of all shapes and sizes were in attendance and enjoyed the show as much as we did. The little girls in the audience were dancing around the concession stand at intermission, pretending to perform the ballet steps they had just experienced. They pointed their toes and twirled around with their hands in the air, as if the toy soldier prince would catch them when they leap. 

There was a little girl sitting in front of me who could barely see over the seat in front of her. She kept moving her head from side to side to catch all the activity one stage. When the Sugarplum Fairy danced through this snowy scene, the little girl got very still. She didn’t move as she didn’t want to miss anything. She listened to the amazing music played by the orchestra, and she gazed at the snow covered stage. She seemed mesmerized by everything. Her stillness caught my attention, and I looked at the stage through the eyes of this six or seven year old little girl…and it was amazing! 

As I was transported back to my days as a little girl, I remembered the wonder and awe and joy of seeing a ballet for the first time. The spectacle, the costumes, the music and the dancing all swirled together to create complete and utter awe! It was as if I could be transported onto the stage and dance the steps with ease. In seeing this incredible performance it made me believe that anything is possible. Anyone could be special and beautiful and talented. That floating on air and gliding along the stage was effortless. Watching the ballet made me feel pretty as if I were wearing the prettiest dress no the planet. I’m sure every little girl in that theatre today felt that way, if only for a few hours. 

When we left the theatre I thought of the little girl sitting in front of me. The dreams she would have while sleeping. The ideas that would fill her head. Sugarplums dancing, princes, colors, costumes, and lights all come together to create visions of pure winter heaven. To imagine all that AND to know that Christmas was shortly on it’s way…who can sleep!?! The anticipation of Santa fueled by the beauty of the ballet may be more than any little girl can endure. And yet I also know the magic of waking up in your own bed during Christmas vacation knowing that your wildest dreams can come true. That you only need to imagine it for it to be real. Dancing through the living room or running and jumping in the hall pretending to be a ballet dancer, or soccer player, or fantasic butterfly…and having those creative thoughts consume your every waking moment. What a glorious way to spend the holiday season – dancing and imagining that anything can happen. 

By the way, when they ballet was over the little girl in front of me turned to her grandmother and told her that the dancing sheep and the Russian nesting dolls were her favorite part. She liked the snow and the mice were funny. I smiled from ear to ear knowing that those amazing performers and their years of practice, practice, practice had changed the thought process of a little girl forever.