I started my Christmas vacation today. To celebrate I made it a day without hygiene. I stayed in my pajamas all day. I did not wash my face or brush my teeth. I did not make my bed, I did not clean anything. I puttered the day away, and it felt great. The evening has gotten dark and I am sitting doing nothing, and enjoying the peace. I am usually a very busy person who gets lots of things done. I multitask like a maniac. Today I turned that off and relaxed. 

We spend so much time working to get where we want to go – driving ourselves and the people in our lives towards success. We spend hours in traffic getting to and fro, and we get frustrated and tied into knots when traffic does not flow. We steer ourselves towards perfection, eventhough we know no one is perfect. So much of our time is spent working to get things done, get where we need to go, get ahead…and we forget that without time to be quiet and relax we wear ourselves out. 

I encourage you to check out of your world this holiday season. Maybe you don’t want a hygiene free day, so try a stress free day…no work, no projects, no stress. Whatever it takes for you to detox and relax I encourage you to do it.