We had an art play date this weekend. We all brought found items, nick nacks and various art supplies to the fun. We made colorful hearts by decorating them with all sorts of elements…and they turned out beautiful. The real fun was that making these hearts was not a regular work for any of us, yet we all created amazing work. This day was out of our wheelhouse, and yet it sparked renewed creativity in us all. The fellowship, the creativity, the collaboration, the new materials and ideas were amazing. What we all started creating turned into something different in so many ways, and yet we all enjoyed and appreciated the different end results for us all. 

To create this new work we had to relinquish control, the experience of our regular work, and we had to be willing to be uncomfortable. We had to be open to not knowing exactly what to do or how to do it, and we had to be willing to ask for help from others. It was both exhilarating and exhausting as the same time. It was an adventure and nerve racking from one moment to the next. Somewhere between the chatting, creating and festivities of the day we all had a marvelous time. 

As we spend our lives mastering our talents and craft, we also need to challenge ourselves to do something new. We need to be willing to leave our comfort zone and do something that pushes beyond where we thought we could survive. Our art play date was a lot like life. Only when we move beyond our own abilities do we develop skills to take our current world to the next level. Only when we release what we know and move into the unknown are we able to see that we are capable of so much more than we alone could imagine. And we need the talents and collaboration of others to REALLY make the difference. 

Let go, create, and enjoy the new world you can inspire within yourself when you tap into the talents of others.