I am often asked to take someone else’s words and put them into creative form. Today one of my finished works is being given to a Pastor that is moving onto a new parish. He will be greatly missed by his current congregation, so they wanted him to have a special gift on his last Sunday. Here are the words they gave me…

They had seen my work and gave me artistic license to do as I imagined to commemorate their love and affection for this man. The told me that wanted the piece to be 16×20. The wanted a black frame, and the rest was left up to me. I spent the majority of my free time over the last two weekends completing the task. 

The challenge with commissioned work is that you may or may not know the recipient. You have to ‘guess’ about what will be important to them and how to create a piece of art that will touch their soul. No one who commissions a piece wants ordinary or the same as everyone else. The reason they come to me is to put their words, thoughts, wishes into permanent form for the recipient to always remember. It is a big responsiblitiy, and one I do not take lightly. 

I have done close to a hundred pieces in this manner, each one different. Each person brings their own ideas, color choices, specifications and hopes to the idea. Weddings, new blessings, birthdays, anniversaries, new adventures, new businesses, love, friendship, joy…all have ended up on paper in my studio. My job is to breath creative life into words and colors so the gift is all they wanted and more. It is a wonderful way to put my own creativity to work. It allows me to harness the power of creativity to touch someone on a special occasion. Here is what I created, I hope he and his family enjoy the work.

You may not be able o see it but the message the congregation wanted to express is printed very small within the larger letters. The mat is made from handmade paper scraps either I have mode or we have found around the globe.  When you give a creative person a task you take a chance. You allow them to ‘see’ it with new eyes and bring your idea to life. Thank you client for having faith in my work, I hope it is all you wanted and more.