It’s the time of year when children wish and dream and hope that Santa will bring them a gift. But it’s not just any gift, it’s the one thing they want for Christmas. It’s the thing they asked for when they sat upon his knew, or wrote about in their letter. Millions upon millions of children belive in Santa and wait patiently, fitfully, or even sleepily for him to visit their dwelling. That’s a lot of pressure on one guy. 

As I flew over a city recently, I looked out the window and thought about Santa’s perspective. He has a really big job. I think we can agree that he has the ultimate to do list. When he flies over a city he doesn’t just see the beautiful lights, he sees into the hearts of all the children. He sees their motives, joys, pains, fears, and dreams. He understands their living conditions, he knows about their family challenges, he perceives their deepest wish and brings them something to give them hope. If for only one day of the year, Santa brings peace, joy, happiness and the sense of being important. Every child is important enough for him to travel the globe to bring them something special. 

Being special doesn’t end when you grow up, in many cases we need to be reminded even more as adults that we are special. That what we do is important, has meaning, that someone knows we are here and what we do matters. Mortgages, bills, jobs, responsibilities, obligations, expectations, family, friends, colleagues…everyone wants, needs or expects something from us. The grind of daily life can wear you down. Life can beat you up and leave you one of the walking wounded. Too many adults lead lives of quiet desperation, never knowing that their need did not go unnoticed. That someone thought they were important enough to travel the globe to bring them the one thing they want. Yet as adults we stop believing in Santa. We have ‘grown up’ and see the reality of it all and choose not to imagine the possibilities. We can do it ourselves…provide, get, fulfill, complete…we can get it done, and get it done right. We don’t need to rely on a myth or legend. Reality is we can do it ourselves and there is no need for hope. Or so we think. 

Look into the face of a child who is talking with Santa and they believe he will do what he promised. They believe he will bring just what they want. They believe he is listening and hears the desires of their heart. They know they are important enough for him to stop doing his to do items and talk to them…if only for a moment, Santa focuses on them and them alone. Who wouldn’t want that? A child’s heart has not had time to be scarred or burned, torn or wounded. They are pure of sprinting and full of hope, and Santa fuels that innocent fire in their soul. I am rejuvenated by the faith and hope children bring by believing in Santa. It restores my joy and refills my cup. 

I challange you this week to dig deep and believe in Santa. Let the turmoil of adulthood fall away and fill that space with the joy and hope of Santa. You are important enough for him to travel the globe to bring you what you want, which may mean giving up what you have for something better or different. Santa knows your heart. He sees who you really are inside and knows you are worthy of love, peace and faith. All he asks is that you believe…it’s simple.