These are emblems and elements used to print newspapers back in the day. We found them in our favorite junk yard. It was cool to see the entire box for sale. After sifting through the box we left it there for another hunter to buy. Sometimes you leave things because you can’t think of a good enough reason to buy it. Someone else will be the benefactor of our leave behind. 

Someone’s job long ago was to arrange these letters, symbols and punctuation marks into incredible stories. It was our blessing to be able to read them day in and day out for centuries. They told us about heroes, villians, economic triumph or ruin, plus stories of love and war. The human condition was described in detail for the world to read and understand. These amazing newspaper workers brought to life through words the glory of life itself. Through their patience and steady hands they made the world both big and small at the same time. 

That job no longer exists. Printing today is done by computer. More and more people read online or via electronic devices. So paper documents and hard cover books are not printed at the same volume as the past. There is no reason to print on paper using these elements any more…or is there? Artisans now use hand printing techniques to create amazing prints, pictures and unique artful work. They admire and learned the old school methods and have brought them back to life in modern times. These creative people have revived the old to create the new. 

Just when you think something is over, at the end, dead, when it seems as if the times have left it behind. Someone creative will find a new way to use it for imaginative good. Those special people will use the old to create the new. They will astound and amaze us with their individual skills and mastering of the old techniques. Never let the fact the something is over keep you from dreaming up new, innovative ways to move forward. If it were not for the lessons and skills from the past, none of us would be able to learn, grow, create. We build on the triumphs of the past to reach a brighter future.