We have a very great friend who is a Vegetarian. She has made that choice and avoids red meat. Her Christmas gift to my husband I this year was steak. We are meat eaters. Not only are the steaks beautiful (and my husband had fun playing withthe  dry ice!), the steaks are a selfless gift. She knows how much we enjoy grilling out. She put aside what she wants and gave us a fabulous meal we can look forward to soon. 

Isn’t that what gift giving is all about? Giving what you KNOW the other person will enjoy, adore, savor, cherish – whether you like it or not. You do not have to understand or agree with it. You do not have to control how they use it or if they use it the way you want it used…it is a gift. You give up all control and simply enjoy their enjoyment of the gift. You put aside your desires and give them what they want. 

Are you that type of gift giver? Do you have the courage to give what they want instead of what you want? This is the season of giving and that means giving up what you want to give to someone else. As you finish up your shopping, keep them in mind. Be inspired by this photo of the ultimate Vegetarian gift…meat!