Many stores sell boa feathers in all sorts of colors. They caught my eye when I was shopping and I glimpsed a little girl gazing upon them fondly. She walked her fingers through them and even put one around her shoulder for fun. For a split second she was a diva and posed like she ruled the world. Then she moved through the aisle and found her family. She resumed her true identity and shopped the day away. 

All of us need to imagine the grand life we live in our dreams. We need a moment’s escape into another reality where anything is possible. Where we can sing on key, climb the mountain, win the race, paint a masterpiece. Where love prevails and no one is lonely. Where family celebrates together and happiness fills every pore of our being. Even if it is just for a couple moments, we can have it all. And in that moment we get a glimpse into our true self and who we might become. 

If today is the kind of day when you need a glimpse into life where you might wear a boa, find them in your local store and try one on. Give yourself the freedom to be anything even for an instant. And once you see that person, make it come true. Work towards becoming the person you dream of being. Learn the skills you have always wanted to learn. Take on the challenge you have always wanted to tackle. You can become that person through the choices you make moving forward. Anything can happen if you work hard enough. Let a boa be your guide to letting out your true self…