I saw this old adding machine today and was amazed at the the gears, machinery and mechanisms. I had never sent he insides of this type of equipment, so I had no idea what it took to make this machine do simple math. By taking off the cover someone had opened my eyes to the whirlwind and complicated world behind the functioning face plate. I had never thought to appreciate the behind. 

During this holiday season there is so much wonderful stuff that happens…lights, gifts, cards, decorating, food, desserts, get together and so much more. When we enjoy these things we all too often forget that someone had to do all the work. Someone had to spend hours and hours getting everything ready, wrapped and decorated for others to enjoy the season. Those people all too often go unrecognized or appreciated. It is a lot of work to get the holidays ready. Work that is wonderful, but it is work none the less. 

As you celebrate and enjoy your holidays, turn off the movies, the tv, and the electronics and offer assistance and thanks for those who have worked so hard to make your world festive and bright. It’s tough being the one that bears the burden for making this merry and full of joy. Appreciate the behind work…and let them enjoy the holidays as well.