I have been wrapping presents that need to be shipped across the globe…and Artie here was my ‘helper’, if you can call it that. I don’t know who was having more fun – me or the cat. He loved jumping in and out of the empty boxes. He got all riled up by playing in the tissue paper and packing materials. He even had fun when I put the tape on…he tried to bite it off. The pupils in his eyes were dark and large…he was having fun. 

Remember what it was like to be so excited about something that you couldn’t contain yourself anymore? You had to jump and run or shout to let all the energy and enthusiasm out!!! I hope for your sake that you have had that experience as an adult not just when you were a kid. As adults we somehow lose our ability to be over run with excitement. We think or feel we need to be adults now and must contain ourselves. We lose our ability to lose control…the child in us gets stifled and we play it safe. All because we think that is how adults ar supposed to behave. 

I had fun watching Artie have fun. He was running like a mad man then terrorized our other cats and chased them up and down the hallways, around the furniture, under the tables and through the bathroom. His energy was boundless, and it was a blast to watch. He was wide eyed and bushy tailed…it’s Christmas and he was more excited than he could contain. 

Allow yourself to get enthusiastic about life, and the holidays, about whatever it is that makes your heart beat faster. Get wide eyed and bushy tailed about your world. Let the excitement carry you away.