We all do things that we think are rolling people, when they really see through us…right to the core. My example is the ever dreaded comb over. In our family we call it a Yinkle – which is a word we can use in public without people knowing what we are talking about. This gentleman stood in front of me in line and I had to take this photo. We all can see that he is going bald and yet the comb over is supposed to make us believe he has a full head of hair? 

As I chuckled to my self, I went cold. I thought about all the things I do or don’t do where I think I am fooling myself and everyone else…and yet no one is fooled. It’s like cheering about the Emperor’s New Clothes and everyone goes along, when they REALLY know he isn’t wearing any clothes. It’s the lie we tell ourselves and expect everyone else to believe or go along with…and no one believes the lie. As I glanced again at the comb over, I had to ask, “Who do you think you are fooling?” And I had to ask myself that question, if I’m really being honest. 

My ‘lie’ may not be as obvious as a comb over, and yet I do have lies I tell myself. We all do. And what’s even worse, we keep telling them to ourselves so after a while we believe them…and wonder why no one else does. The person we are trying to fool is ourselves – our ego, our self confidence, our self image – we have told the lie so long that we no longer recognize the truth. And if we admit the lie then we have to face the truth…which may be even worse than a bad comb over. 

It’s time to come clean and stop lying to ourselves. It’s time to cut the comb over and let the beauty of your bald head shine! It takes guts, it takes courage, it takes change, it takes self reflection. And yet the end result is a clean conscience and a stronger sense of self. So get out those scissors and cut the lie in half. Fess up…come clean…get with the truth and the times and let your true self be free from the lies.