You may recognize these as ordinary outdoor faucet spickets. A clever someone mounted them on a wall with burlap leaves and plaster. I saw these at Anthropologie at Avalon. It was the display behind the register in the store. I saw an entire box of these recently at a junk store and bought a dozen to use in my own found art pieces…I had not thought about putting them into a wall. Very clever, very ‘repurposing’, very cool. While I was taking the picture several other patrons in the store stopped and looked at what I was looking at. They commented that they didn’t even recognize them as outdoor faucet spickets, they only saw them as flowers. Amazing how a creative mind can completely change the way we see ordinary things. 

Isn’t that true for so many things in life? We see things one way, the same way, and every time we see it we see what we have always seen. Then one day someone else comes along and sees something completely different, and suddenly our world will never be the same. Their perspective has changed our perspective forever. 

Jackson Pollock dripped paint and changed what people considered ‘art’. Leonardo DaVinci painted a ceiling and changed the way the world viewed art. Georgia O’Keeffe painted the desert from inside her car, and changed the way people saw flowers. Angel Adams snapped photographs sometimes from the side of the road and changed the way we see light and dark. These amazing artists simply viewed the world a different way. They took ordinary things and used them to create a different world…paint drips, a ceiling , the backseat of a car, the side of a road. They had the courage to defy convention and see things from a different perspective. They stepped out of the ordinary to bring to life their vision of extraordinary. 

All these thoughts from seeing an outdoor faucet spicket mounted on a wall. If a little plaster can conjur up all this, imagine what your ideas could mean to someone who sees them? Never doubt that your idea, creativity, clever action or updated process could inspire in someone else. You too can change the world like an outdoor faucet spicket…you simply have to get started.